Jan 27, 2009

Tianeptine (Coaxil)

Weak antidepressant without side effects. A well-tolerated. Addressed to light subdepressivnym states. Pronounced anksiolitic component of the drug.

Especially shown in gerontology, as has the perfect profile portability: poststroke, with dementia its. Showed people with suicidal tendencies, when you need to quickly stop melancholic syndrome - was a successful event. As AD is very active, by the way, just its own specific actions - need to drink quite a long time (60 days - at least).

In Narcology was indispensable for the treatment codeinizm as monotherapy in effect in a dose 1t 2 times a day + benzodiazepines and sleeping pills (sometimes). Is irreplaceable in the
subjects, likes dissociative drugs (dextromethorphan, especially in syrup, with gvayafenezin). A powerful gedonicheskim potential drug should be able to enjoy, it is now difficult. Cancer patients are responding well, there already, and large doses can be given (analgesia develops quite clearly against the background of redeminesation and the return of some optimism).

The positive side coaxil - diversity of action, the speed of the initial activation effect
neyroplasticity, low toxicity, the absence of numerous side effects, increasing libido its. The negative side - narkogen potential, but expressed only at high doses, that is, if properly to the patient, there is usually no problem. But history should be taken into account. Do not underestimate the coaxil - a unique product of its kind, but requires more care in the appointment.

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