Jan 23, 2009

Amitriptyline (Elavil, Endep)

Amitriptyline - a strong antidepressant threecycles nature. Currently, one of the strongest. Unfortunately due to side effects are limited and applied gradually being replaced by new class of antidepressants SSRI and double-acting antidepressants. There are strong sedative component of the drug.

Meanwhile, recall that some of the negative SE product can be significantly reduced. If I am not mistaken, this AD introduced in the list of essential medicines, and rightly so: there are often cases where the "save" the drug; ampul amitriptyline once was successfully used by ambulance in critical situations have occurred or exacerbation of depressive phase of MDP, or aggravate major depression with agitation, and the patient is literally dragged out of the windows of four people, and after the introduction of amitriptyline occurred at rest, and later at a hospital after treatment by other AD and drugs, the patient returned home in full remission - I know cases where this TCA truly and literally saved the lives of people.

If we talk about drug abuse, until very recently, amitriptyline, along with imipramine in different clinical cases was not only the leading AD in the treatment of opioid dependence syndrome, but often helped "not falling" in postabstinent period and in addition, also literally saved when This rare but very dangerous in terms of provocation, syndrome, as "psevdoabstinent syndrome". As I wrote in another article, this drug, if you use it well, you can remove the withdrawal symptoms of moderate (joint application with nootropil).

It's why something like this first treecyclic antidepressants ... I do not know, perhaps an old school, as they say, but these drugs have been predictable, the mechanism of action enough studied in medicine: amitriptyline, imipramine, azafen, sydnofen, pirazidol, inkazan, sydnocarb even indopan - and missed it ...

Amitriptyline in my "golden list" is, strangely enough - if properly used, is indeed able to perform miracles! Many do not know that, in addition to use in rare cases, half-quarter of tablets as tranquilizers and sleepings and antigastric-ulcer, not only amitriptyline, imipramine and still used in microdoses (1 / 7 - 1 / 10 tablets) syndrome quick feet, if not mistaken - once read an american work, where he was surprised that the use of amitriptyline ...

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