Jan 20, 2009

Lerivon (Mianserin)

Excellent preparation! As well as mitrazapine from this "Organon" it is quite good at the big depressions, but, as well as all the AD, not always yields so positive results, unfortunately. There are patients with heavy depression, but exhausted by illness so that at appointment mianserin along with bad shipping, often enough it is possible to observe and "other party of a medal", unfortunately... For the exhausted patients mianserin is heavy enough preparation, and I often enough observed side effects in the form of infection occurrence in a mouth (candidiasis), and in general visible with the naked eye imunodepression effect both lerivon, and mianserin: that "grippe similar syndrome", an aggravation of accompanying infectious diseases and an anaemia. As it is frequent enough from lerivon there is a transition in hypomania that interferes with the further use of this preparation. From many people it was possible to hear enthusiastic exclamations about lerivon that is connected with the sedative in some cases sedative and somnolent effects and fast enough improvement of mood at application of it the AD.

I only am glad for success in this case, but consider not out of place to remind about unbeneficial enough influence mianserin on marrow function - the neglect this fact can sometimes lead to the most undesirable consequences. I somewhere wrote already, communicating with Atroposom that starting with a chemical structure, lerivon it is possible to consider as typical TTSA-DERIVATIVE dibenz [b, e] azepin with the limited quantity konformation for the basic lateral chain that provides the best complementarity to receptor complex and sharp increase of activity as to a consequence of it; "Braided" in a cycle the lateral chain changes, certainly farm. profile the AD and minimize collateral cholinolytic effects peculiar classical TCA, but the AD in global sense is "easier", from it does not become, unfortunately... Lerivon also has analgetic effect of the central character; mitrazapine, and, it is visible lerivon also, have affinity to kappa-opioid to receptors, than partly it is possible to explain often enough meeting at use organons preparations of some mental infringements and transitions in mania, well and stimulation adrenergic processes quickly causes condition improvement though in certain cases it can appear undesirable.

Sum up experience of application of these preparations, their structure and action mechanisms, it is necessary to rejoice that in most cases the price justifies effect, but practice shows that to the patients accepting both lerivon, and remeron, the rigid control from outside the medical personnel with periodic monitoring of a picture of blood is required. Often at course passage lerivon, on the second-third week there can be sharply enough a transition in hypo- and maniacal conditions that is at the bottom of preparation and transition cancellation as I already also wrote, on older TCA in a complex with nootrops, a BD and other means. And knowing that fact that many these apply the AD in self-treatment, I consider inadmissible as over-the-counter of these the AD from drugstores, and actually their out-patient appointment.

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