Jan 22, 2009

Cymbalta (Duloxetine)

Preparation of cymbalta, experience of its application... On degree reaptake serotonin it on the second place after paroxetine. The preparation possesses central analgetic action. On degree of expressiveness of antidepressive effect concedes Ixel. But also adverse less. Causes equal enough condition. Inversion of affect and transition in a hypomaniacal condition it is improbable. However duloxetine - not such harmless and weak: it is shown in the USA at the big depression, at patients are often marked SE from outside CNS and not only. Once again coming back to new the AD-SSRIs, it turns out that most "counterbalanced" on influence on monoamins is milnacipran - it and strongest of all (not including resistant), on the second place - venlafaxine, is more toxic and hardly is less active, dosedependent, well and duloxetine - the softest, difficult structure. Apparently concedes two above named the AD, but it is better transferred, though and not such active. Unless such the inactive? It to all a question, would be desirable to hear opinions dealing with it: after all when said that the same tianeptine is weak, there specificity - the preparation is drunk at once on one т. Three times day, and a course should be long for revealing of all capacity of a preparation - it helps and at heavy depressions... It is a pity, it is a pity that now so with it - much elderly, somatic the patient is excellent went, without SE... Here for what I hate these addicts chemist's - well there the potion it is clear, but what for to be perverted by what a drug is not? How many people were rescued by this preparation, and many has killed and kills... Are Now very necessary for psychiatry SSRIs, but soft, without expressed SE, strong as Ixel and with SE smaller than at duloxetine - these preparations indirectly influence on D2 - D3, there are some data, but the fact what exactly these preparations are most shown at coaxilizm - undoubtedly! Only are necessary such the AD that were transferred exhausted - duloxetine like as approaches, and on anxiolytic activity. We will look that will be further...

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