Jan 27, 2009

Paroxetine (Paxil, Seroxat)

Good antidepressant SSRI. Used 1 times a day. So attractive that builds a dream (you can take and at night!) Without side effects.

More paxil renowned for its powerful syndrome lifting, so you need to repeal the drug VERY smoothly and, of course, under the supervision of a doctor. Himself the product, of course, one of the best of a group of SSRI.

In some countries it is forbidden due to toxicity, and because of the express repeal syndrome, which really did not write the instructions, and about large dosages and long-term, with the lifting of the drug should be very careful - to reduce the dose to the most minimum number mg a week or two, and then, even with a very smooth cessation of treatment, the syndrome is still occasionally lifting there, even some time later, a seemingly well-being.

Paroxetine abused many - he, unlike the other SSRI, gives expression anxiolytic effect, and later - pleasant activation in healthy people. Often the patients provoke suicidal actions. In small doses and short course, all this smoothed, but in other cases, where applicable paxil long and in high doses, to cancel it just so rarely, and often had to resort to other drugs (benzodiazepines, nootropics, hypnotics).

Paxil - one of the favorite drug, drugs, because in addition to its own euphoria in some cases, actions, even able to eliminate the effects of MDMA, returning to the central nervous system are more or less normal.

By lifting Syndrome - the worst drug. I already laugh - anything that ends with "aksil" - is evil: "Coaxil", "Paxil" When treatment with this drug, you need to observe very carefully, and before the appointment to make sure that the patient is not responding to therapy safer drugs. The impact on sexual function of the SSRI is typically transient in nature, but about paxil I've heard sad stories ...

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